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I’ve been making solo and collaborative work based on field recordings since 1997. My practice explores the relationship between sound and place. Before that I was essentially a musician and music journalist. That’s another story!

Follow the links below to listen to some of my recent work, or have a look on my SoundCloud page.

SOUNDING SHORE :: coast to coast

2022. Live on the Beach: Volumes 1 & 2

2022. pre – recorded Volume 1


2022. Boris Hunt,  Perry Silvio, Rob Laurie and Marcus Leadley. Recorded in Sydney in 1994. Re-mastered and re-released

Final Grooves

2021. DIVA Contemporary

Oceanus Procellarum

2020. DIVA Contemporary

Sea of Clouds-Ocean of Storms

2020. DIVA Contemporary

Herds of Apollo

2020.  DIVA Contemporary

Listen on SoundcCloud

Sounds from the Gardens

2019. 2 albums: live programmes Horniman Museum, Being Human Festival.  DIVA Contemporary

Museum of Ecoacoustic Phenomena   

2019.   3 albums: live and recorded  programmes from Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe (BEAF)  festival.  DIVA Contemporary

Sounding Shore/Coast to Coast

2018.  3 albums: live and recorded programmes from Whitstable Biennale. DIVA Contemporary

Sound Lost and found

2017. Sound: Lost and found Symphony. Being Human Festival CD. DIVA Contemporary

Sounding Shore/Coast to Coast

2016.  2 albums: live and recorded programmes from Whitstable  Biennale.  DIVA Contemporary

Time and Tide/Coast to Coast

2015.   Soundscape album. Label: DIVA Contemporary

Sound Proof 5 (Carter Presents) 20 July – 10 August, 2012.

Gold Dust CD release (Slightly Off Kilter)
Autumn 2012
Ceramic House performance.

Sound and Fear – 2011
Interview and sound effects/atmospheres for BBC radio 4 programme. Broadcast October 18th,. Also featuring David Toop, Dr.Louis Neibur, Nigel Paterson, Dr. Sophie Scott, Selina Ream, Colin Guthrie, Dr. David Hendy and Chu-Li Shewring. Presented by Sean Street, Produced by Julian May.

Bridport to West Bay Sound Walks – 2011
3 different soundwalks from PVA MediaLab, in Bridport (Dorset), to West Bay were undertaken as part of audiolab 10: the Language Of Place smposium. Recordings of the walks are featured on Rádio Zero/RUC/SFC on the programme O Colecionador de Sons.

Each artist took a different route and a different approach. I interacted with the objects and spaces found along the route, ivon oats aimed to draw sounds. David Rogers concentrated on the sounds heard along the walk. Joe Stevens stopped for a number of listening exercises and then discussed the sonic landscape we walked through.
Listen to programme

Mahler 12-tone remix – 2011
Marcus Leadley & Gareth Jones. Berlin Philharmoniker.
Listen via SoundCloud

Tall Tale – 2011
Spoken word performance/recording/editing as part of mixed-media work by Monica Biagioli for Memory Flash at CARTER presents in July. A reading of the story of King Herla of the very ancient Britons. Translation of text from De nugis curialium (“Of courtier trifles”) written by Walter Map in the 12th century.

World Forum For Acoustic Ecology conference – Corfu 2011
Headphone installation using site-specific field recordings.

Goldsmith Phonography colloquium – 2011
Headphone installation ­– using site-specific field recordings

Gold Dust – 2011
Performance at the Ceramic House as part of Brighton HOUSE festival. Live/Max manipulation of site specific field recordings made on the day. Series curated by Joseph Young. CD release on Slightly Off Kilter. Expected autumn 2011.

Audiolab 11.1 Language of Place symposium, Dorset – 2011
Headphone installation using site specific field recordings

Harrier and Jaguar – 2010
Material from ElectroLoft’s Muse sessions is being used in Tate’s promotion of Fiona Banner’s Duveen commission, Harrier and Jaguar.

The Sounding Shore, Whitstable Biennale – 2010

Urban Soundings – 2010
Stereo soundscape composition for headphones – binaural featuring material collected in Leicester, UK.

Parallel Places – 2010
Stereo soundscape composition using material gathered in Camberwell, London and Burton Bradstock in Dorset, UK.

Freedom Square – 2009
8-channel soundscape composition featuring material gathered in the Maltese capital, Valletta.

Night Falls – 2008
8-channel soundscape composition featuring material gathered from the village of Westbere, near Canterbury in Kent.

End of Days – 2008
8-channel soundscape composition featuring material gathered around Westbere Lakes, Near Canterbury in Kent.

The Sounding Shore, Whitstable Biennale – 2008
Further details

Electroloft LIVE on You Are Hear on Resonance FM – 2006
Further details

Further details

Live Guitar Treatments 8:03 – 2004
Marcus Leadley

#02 15:22 – 2001/02
Marcus Leadley

#01 27:22 – 2001/01
Marcus Leadley

Crescent Moon 7:10 – 2000
Marcus Leadley with Gareth Jones

The Maybe Maker 10:21 – 1997
Underbelly: Marcus Leadley, Robert Laurie, Perry Silvio, Boris Goodinov

Scruff 9:54 – 1997

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