I am currently teaching two adult education short courses at Goldsmiths:

Introduction to Field Recording and the Soundscape


Field Recording and Soundscape Composition


Both 10-week courses are self-contained but also function as a progression – with the latter being more of an advanced level course that focuses more on composition. People coming straight in to the second course usually have some experience of field recording.

In Introduction to Field Recording and the Soundscape we begin with an overview of the history of field recording and soundscape studies. We take a sound walk and then its practical sessions with Goldsmith’s handheld recorders, shotgun mics, contact mics, binaural (in ear) mics, hydrophones (underwater sound) coil mics (electromagnetic signals) and the bat detector (ultrasound). We go on a field trip together and the final three sessions are an introduction to computer editing, plus some compositional basics.

In Field Recording and Soundscape Composition we start with a couple of practical field recording session and take a field trip. Then it’s studio time all the way using the material we’ve recorded: as well as soundscape composition we have a Foley session, (making sound effects for a film), look at multichannel (5.1 & 8.1) techniques and use hardware as well as software to manipulate sound.

For both courses computer editing and composition are taught using Avid Pro Tools and Pro Tools First (the free version). Students can use alternative software if the wish but due to class size (generally 10 – 20) I can’t offer technical support across multiple DAWs.

The beginner course runs three times a year on a Monday evening 6.30 – 8.30. The advanced course two times a year (no spring term course) 6.30 – 8.30 on a Wednesday evening. Both courses take place at Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios.

Please note: due to the current pandemic teaching for Introduction to Field Recording and the Soundscape has moved online. The next course starts on October 5th 2020. Teaching for Field Recording and Soundscape Composition has been temporarily paused until we can all meet again in person; teaching the course without EMS resources would only work for people who have surround sound systems, modular synthesizers  and LCD projectors at home!